Nex-Tech Applauds Lowering Broadband Costs for Consumers Act of 2023 to Enhance Affordability and Universal Service

LENORA, Kan., November 16, 2023 – Nex-Tech, a leading telecommunications provider, proudly announces its endorsement of S. 3321 – The Lowering Broadband Costs for Consumers Act of 2023. This transformative bill underscores the commitment to equitable and nondiscriminatory contributions to mechanisms preserving and advancing universal service while alleviating the financial burdens on consumers.

Key Highlights of the Lowering Broadband Costs for Consumers Act of 2023:

  1. Equitable Contributions: The Act mandates the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to ensure equitable contributions, fostering an inclusive approach to preserving and advancing universal service.
  2. Financial Relief for Consumers: With a focus on reducing the financial burden on consumers, the Act addresses the critical need for affordable and accessible broadband services.
  3. Advancing Universal Service: Recognizing the importance of universal service in the digital age, the legislation aims to promote policies that ensure widespread access to essential broadband services.
  4. Inclusivity: By encouraging nondiscriminatory contributions, the Act contributes to bridging the digital divide and ensuring that all Americans, regardless of their background, have access to crucial broadband services.

Nex-Tech, with its mission to make life better for its customers by providing world-class technology, stands firmly in support of the Lowering Broadband Costs for Consumers Act of 2023.

Jimmy Todd, CEO of Nex-Tech, expresses his enthusiasm, stating, “At Nex-Tech, we understand the vital role broadband plays in connecting communities. The Lowering Broadband Costs for Consumers Act aligns with our commitment to reducing financial barriers, ensuring equitable access, and creating a more connected and digitally inclusive future.”

Nex-Tech encourages legislators to advance this pivotal bill and applauds efforts to prioritize affordable and widespread access to broadband services. The company remains dedicated to contributing to discussions and initiatives that support the overarching goal of universal service.


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