ISD4000 Series II

Alarm Manager and Traffic Data Collection

ISD 4000
ISD 4000
  • Security password with ID screening 
  • Element concentration – IP or serial connectivity 
  • Network integrity monitoring 
  • Reports of lost IP connectivity 
  • Multiple level alarm reporting with escalation (IP, dial-out, paging, text and email delivery – Maximum eight per alarm)  
  • SNMP trap monitoring 
  • Pinging network elements for reporting – Programmable thresholds 
  • SET/CLEAR reporting – Eliminates phantom reporting of alarms 
  • Threshold levels by time and occurrence  
  • Monitoring environmental alarms – Temperature, power, water 
  • SSH security standard 
  • Scripting functionality with programmable scheduling 
  • Identify multiple fields and/or a Boolean expression (>,< or =) 
  • Browser based reports – SNMP traps, traces, 911 reports 
  • Gigabyte Ethernet support 
  • Extended SNMP capabilities for Traps/GETS 
  • Includes dual, hot-swappable 160BG hard drives or hot swappable power supplies
  • Collect and report all alarms from every version of SNMP 
  • Secure your network with new Radius Server Authentication 
  • Concentrate alarms, then forward them to network centers (Netcool, HP Openview, etc.) to reduce port costs 
  • Store all alarms from your network for back-ups 
  • Customize hardware completely 
    • From two to 32 serial ports 
    • Up to 16 fully secure modems 
  • Gain alternate access if network connectivity occurs 
  • Handle traffic and alarms with one device from your soft switch 
  • DC Powered – 5 AMPs, 19” or 23” mounting 
  • Size – 4U high, 11” deep, front mounted fan with filter and optional AC power 
Linux Alarm Manager and Data Collection
ISD4000 Features
  • SNMP monitoring – Multiple systems, concentrator (96 ports) 
  • Intel Core 2 Duo (2.93GHz) Dual 500GB Hot-Plug Mirrored Drives 
  • Traffic collect – Soft switches, legacy digital switches for reports 
  • USB memory support 
  • Extended SNMP capabilities for Traps/GETS 
  • Multiple MIBs and associated rules 
  • Alarm reporting – Network centers, email, paging, and texting 
  • CENTOS LINUX Operating System 
  • SSH and radius security  
Linux Alarm Manager


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