Voice Quality

Voice Quality matters. Monitor your network with the best.

The Cordell VQM Monitor watches for the quality of the VQM data on all the Metaswitches in your network. VQM Monitor is a virtual module that works with the ISD4000 and integrates with the rest of Nex-Tech’s Cordell monitoring family.

When a service-effecting event occurs, VQM Monitor will notify you of the incident. Easily navigate the jitter, packet loss, and round-trip delay statistics from the dashboard. Call information all the way down to the subscriber line. This provides an accurate, efficient method to monitor voice quality and allows service providers to focus on revenue generation and their networks.

Customer Monitoring Call Quality

VQM Monitor has the ability to assign Direct Numbers (DN) to a group, then give log-in access to monitor that group. The service provider can sell this service as an add-on to their product. Let the banks, hospitals, and corporations look to see their statistics on the calls they make.


Key Features
  • Fraud detection assistance 
  • No hardware required 
  • Quality of service and customer retention increases 
  • Easy-to-use UI 
  • Streamlined information for quick troubleshooting 


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