Model 1000

RTU (Remote Terminal Unit)

Cordell’s Model 1000 RTU offers the latest in flexible, intelligent monitoring for contact points (12), an analog input, comprehensive IP management, and access capabilities to sites. The Model 1000 furnishes the capability to cost-effectively manage your remote sites with multiple serial and Ethernet ports. In addition, it has the capability to function as a sub-net (managed switch), eliminating the additional cost of connectivity for other equipment at remote sites.

The Model 1000’s ability to provide site alarm monitoring and I/O capacity to passive equipment makes it an intelligent extension of Cordell’s C5 Network Management System®. Cordell’s RTU family is designed to enhance your network management strategy, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency. The Model provides a small footprint, and with the input and output connections conveniently located on the front panel, it ensures a simple and efficient installation process. All connectors are removable for easy maintenance. The Model 1000 is powered by a DC input (24vDC or 48vDC), and there is a direct battery backup connection (24vDC) available.

Model 1000
Key Features:
  • 12 Inputs
  • 1 Control Output
  • Monitor Input to 60vDC
  • 2 Ethernet Ports
  • 2 Async Ports
  • Analog Input
  • 24 Volt Battery Backup
  • Stores Data up to 7 days/last 100 alarms
  • Wall or Cabinet Mounting
  • SNMP versions 2 and 3
Model 1000 Specs:
  • Web-based user interface or command line interface
  • SMS
  • DC Powered
  • Console Port for Local Access
Model 1000


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