Nex-Tech Announces Rebrand

LENORA, Kan., October 3, 2022 - Nex-Tech announced today that it is undergoing a rebrand featuring a new logo.

Rural Telephone was founded as a cooperative in February 1951. The cooperative was formed by a group of farmers and businessmen with an elected Board of Trustees who wanted better telephone service for the rural areas of Northwest Kansas. By 1999, Rural Telephone had enlarged its service area and added multiple technology services. This prompted the rebranding of the cooperative under the “Nex-Tech” identity. 

The next two decades brought a tremendous amount of progress and diversification for the company. Nex-Tech has remained actively involved within its local communities, while also developing services and offerings that are utilized by corporations around the world. Nex-Tech strives to innovate, grow, and connect communities as both a broadband service provider and a leader in business solutions. The new image of Nex-Tech reflects the organization’s desire for industry leadership, supported by a passion for the local community.

The new logo is a stylized “N” with one of the legs created with a “T.” The result is an easily identifiable visual that not only features the company’s initials, but also makes clear Nex-Tech’s vital foundation of technology. The traditional black and red that harken back to Rural Telephone days remain the primary logo colors. In order to denote Nex-Tech’s various technology services and business segments, the new logo implements additional colors to represent each business segment.

Nex-Tech has already begun the process of updating signs and apparel. January 1, 2023 marks the projected date for a new website launch. At that time, the TV Now, Nex-Tech Directory, and Nex-Tech Classifieds apps will also be updated. Implementation of the new logo will continue through 2023, with all major components to be completed by March 31, 2023.