Nex-Tech Announces New Technology Education Sponsorship Program for 2022

LENORA, Kan., January 18, 2022 — Nex-Tech announced today that it has started a new Technology Education Sponsorship Program for students interested in Telecommunications and Information Technology. Beginning this year, students applying for the program can be considered for a scholarship covering the cost of tuition and books at NCK Tech.

In order to be considered for the program, students must first apply for a qualified program (Telecommunications or Information Technology) with NCK Tech ( Students will also complete the Nex-Tech Sponsorship program application, found on the Nex-Tech website. Nex-Tech will review these applications and conduct interviews of select candidates. At the end of the process, one or more students will be admitted into the Nex-Tech program.

Upon signing a program agreement, Nex-Tech will award scholarship funds in the amount of the full cost of tuition and books. The agreement indicates the students’ intention to complete the 18-month NCK Tech program and earn an Associate of Applied Science Degree. Candidates will also be required to complete an internship with Nex-Tech between their first and second years in the program. After graduation, they will employ with Nex-Tech for a minimum of three years.

While the Nex-Tech Technology and Sponsorship Program pledges monetary support of selected candidates, it also offers additional opportunity and experience.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for students in our area,” said Nex-Tech Youth Services/Training Specialist Jacque Beckman. “Through this program, selected candidates will not only receive a solid education in Telecommunications or Information Technology from NCK Tech, but they will also receive practical, on-the-job training using state-of-the-art technologies, as well as receive mentoring from a team of extremely talented and highly motivated specialists, right here at Nex-Tech.”

The unique partnership with NCK Tech is an exciting investment for all parties involved.

“We are thrilled to bring our Telecommunications program to Hays and to partner with Nex-Tech. Their dedication to the field of Telecommunications and desire to assist students who want to get into the field is very much appreciated,” said Corey Isbell Ed.D, VP of Student and Instructional Services at NCK Tech. “NCK Tech is excited to have a partner that shares the desire to see students succeed. We are looking forward to working with Nex-Tech to build this program into a regional training hub for the Telecommunications field!”

Students seeking admission to the program this year should complete and submit an application by February 1, 2022. Candidates can access this application and additional information about the program through the Nex-Tech website: