Help Desk Lead – Hays, KS

Assists Nex-Tech customers and employees with questions and/or issues regarding services using various contact methods including phone, email, and chat.  Troubleshoots complex customer technical issues and answers service-related questions.  Research new technologies and conducts training and orientation for new NTHD Representatives.  Monitors and trains existing staff to assist in improving technical troubleshooting skills and product/service knowledge.  Directly receives phone calls, emails, and chats to support Nex-Tech residential and business customers.  Assists business customers with troubleshooting complex networking, viruses, hosting, and miscellaneous issues impacting their business.  Enters pertinent information into the issue tracking database and updates billing system(s), submits service orders, works closely with other departments such as Field Ops, Network Operations, and NOC on issues/outages and research new services and technologies.  Avidly work with customers and staff to assure departments deliver the highest level of customer service.


  • TECHNICAL/TRAINING.  Assists Nex-Tech customers with troubleshooting and issue resolution for all services.  Provides advanced technical troubleshooting by communicating with the customer and NTHD staff using various means to identify the problem.  Actively answers calls, supports Business Help Desk customers, and assists other agents with resolving issues.  Develops and conducts initial training and orientation of new NTHD Representatives.  Conducts regular staff trainings to improve technical skills and product/service knowledge.  Works with the NTHD Supervisor and Manager on process improvements and assists with writing department procedures and other documentation.  Monitors NTHD calls and provides feedback to improve troubleshooting techniques, technical knowledge, and quality assurance.  Actively updates the Help Desk Knowledge Base and adds new content as needed.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE.  Provides exceptional customer service while performing Help Desk duties.  Maintains patience and a professional tone when speaking with customers.  Resolves advanced technical issues efficiently, following the issue from start to finish.  Researches and escalates issues as needed to ensure resolution.  Returns customer calls, messages, emails, and other communications promptly to ensure the issue is resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.  Consistently demonstrates exceptional customer service, setting the standard for new NTHD staff.  Directly answers incoming calls and support no less than 10% of hours reported in the work week and assists in direct support in times of outages, staffing shortages or call volume spikes.  Provides regular call monitors and guidance to Help Desk Representatives to improve skills and customer experience for both technical and customer service.
  • DATA ENTRY, TRACKING, AND MISCELLANEOUS DUTIES.  Enters notes and pertinent details into issue tracking database, updates billing and provisioning system(s), and submits service orders into the appropriate software.  Initiates a trouble ticket if the issue cannot be resolved.  Answers tech-mail and social media posts, monitors Nex-Tech Classifieds advertising, updates Knowledge Base and completes other documentation.  Performs Brainy Bunch hardware/software bench repair work and assists with equipment transport for Brainy Bunch.  Assists with the creation and maintenance of a departmental Knowledge Base and suggests improvements to call tracking software configuration and hardware issues.
  • Stays informed of Company products and services, pricing, and technology.  Studies troubleshooting techniques and maintains current industry knowledge.
  • Performs other miscellaneous duties as assigned by management.  Engages in regular and periodic reviews with supervisor.  Accepts direction with a positive attitude.


  • Knowledge of Company policies, procedures, departments, products, and services.
  • Ability to provide customer assistance in a professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and courteous manner.  Ability to listen to customers to determine questions and concerns and provide the customer with an acceptable resolution.
  • Skill in analytical thinking and problem solving. Ability to think independently, research, analyze, and determine best course for issue resolutions.
  • Skill in oral and written communication. Ability to train staff and assist in providing guidance to team members. Ability to develop, organize, write, and present training materials
  • Ability to organize, prioritize, and handle multiple work assignments. Ability to complete work accurately under time constraints and deadlines.
  • Ability to read, analyze and interpret computer reports and data. Skill in analytical thinking and problem solving.
  • Skill in operating various office equipment such as, copy machine, facsimile machine, mail machine and multi-line telephone. Skill in operating a PC using database, word processing, and spreadsheet. Knowledge of PCs, including software, hardware, maintenance, setup, and networking fundamentals.
  • Advanced knowledge of PCs including software, hardware, maintenance, set-up, and networking fundamentals. Knowledge of home networking, network security, and general network technology. Ability to assist business level customers on advanced issues pertaining to business computer and technology support.
  • Knowledge of video entertainment equipment including VOD, HDTV, IPTV, set-top boxes, and other video software/hardware.
  • Knowledge of basic phone technology.
  • Knowledge of technical troubleshooting methods. Ability to correctly diagnose and fix customer issues. Ability to expand troubleshooting skills and learn new methods and technologies
  • Ability to function effectively as a team player, following assigned work schedule with reasonable flexibility to meet Company service level goals.
  • Ability to meet department and Company standards for issue resolution, documentation, wait time, call handling, goals, and other metrics.


High school diploma or equivalent plus two year of business experience working with personal computers, software troubleshooting, Internet, help desk/call center, or customer service or the equivalent.  Requires at least two years of NTHD experience.


This position requires a background check conducted during offer status.  Candidates must be willing to submit to a background check as part of a conditional offer.


This factor measures the surroundings or physical conditions under which a job must be done and the extent to which those conditions make the job disagreeable.  Consider the presence and relative amount of exposure to dust, dirt, heat, fumes, contaminants, cold, noise, vibration, wetness, etc.  Good – Usual office working conditions.


The employee must have mental stability, emotional intelligence, and physical capabilities that enable the employee to meet all the requirements and qualifications of the position with or without reasonable accommodation.


This position starts at $21.00 an hour, annual salary of $43,756.00


  • Enjoy a 2% flat contribution to your 401(k), regardless of participation
  • 401(k) also includes Company Match up to 6%
  • Paid Vacation and Sick Leave, with carry over
  • Full coverage Health, Vision and
  • Dental Insurance, with up to $6,000
  • Health Savings Contribution option
  • Free Nex-Tech Internet & discounted services
  • Performance based Annual merit increase and profit sharing bonus
  • Paid Maternity Leave
  • Encouragement and tools for personal growth & more

Nex-Tech is an equal opportunity provider and employer.