Technology Education Sponsorship Program

Application Educational/Employment Opportunity

Let Nex-Tech help you land an AMAZING spot on our team! Nex-Tech has started a new, Technology Education Sponsorship Program for students interested in Telecommunications and Information Technology. We will cover your tuition and books for FREE!

How do you begin?

First, apply with NCK Tech ( for acceptance into one of the qualified programs (Telecommunications or Information Technology) and complete our Sponsorship program application. Nex-Tech will review your application, interview select candidates, and choose one or more to be part of the program. Selected students must sign an agreement stating their intention to complete the 18-month NCK Tech program and earn an Associate of Applied Science Degree. Those candidates will also agree to intern with Nex-Tech through the Nex-Generation Student Internship Program between their 1st and 2nd years in the program and employ with Nex-Tech for a minimum of 3 years following graduation from the program.

As a member of the Nex-Tech Team, you will work alongside amazing professionals, receive great mentoring from our lead technicians, help positively impact customers, learn hands-on skills, and apply your knowledge immediately.

Here’s a little bonus: Nex-Tech will also throw in a housing allowance to the right candidate who agrees to a 4-year employment commitment!

Yes, it is that AMAZING.

Complete and submit your application by March 1, 2024.

*The attached Agreement, for informational purposes only, will be completed by students selected to be sponsored by Nex-Tech.