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Your worry-free, complete business IT solution

Is your business needing an IT specialist? With Nex-Tech, you have an entire IT department. We’ll develop a 3-5 year technology plan that is completely scalable for business of all sizes. Sleep better at night with Nex-Tech managing your IT.
  • Round-the-Clock Monitoring
  • Cybersecurity
  • Managed Software Patches
  • Data Management
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Cloud Solutions

 Microsoft 365 Business. The new way to compute.

Being in the cloud is not about daydreaming. It is about keeping everything important to your business in one safe and easy-to-access place.
Microsoft 365 Business is all about the programs you use every day. It is Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It is Outlook, OneNote and Publisher. And it is gigantic storage in the cloud that is always up-to-date and always protected from data prowlers and trolls.
And it’s affordable. Perfect really for small to medium businesses. Get the use-any-device-work-anywhere-solution. Call us. We like talking about it and we like installing and maintaining it. 1-800-588-6649.
  • Spend your time focused on your business
  • Allow your people to work security from anywhere on any device
  • Avoid hardware or software capital expenses
  • Activate and deactivate devices and users quickly and security
  • Create a standardized platform that secures and backs up all company data remotely.
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Nex-Tech has a good reputation for providing managed IT services at a reasonable price and they take good care of us. I can now devote more time to my business and less time to IT problems thanks to their IT support.

Scott Johnson President / Marquette Farmers State Bank
Full Service

Nex-Tech Advantages

  • Dedicated Sales Representative
  • Sales Engineers
  • Voice and Data Certified Technicians
  • Dedicated Business Concierge and help desk
  • Project Management Team
  • Collective knowledge of industry expert



IT and training requests can be difficult to track and manage. Nex-Tech can take requests from multiple channels and automatically convert them into organized, efficient help desk requests. We ensure fast customer service by identifying common issues and grouping related cases. Nex-Tech will also analyze and track important data such as identifying failing equiment, areas where additional training may be needed and more.




Nex-Tech can find and repair potential issues before they become a problem. With Technology Dashboard, we proactively monitor your network to detect issues such as viruses, malware, cyber-attacks, network outages and equipment failures before they affect the productivity of your business.




Pathview ensures your network is fast and reliable through proactive monitoring and troubleshooting across the entire app network path, from your users to the application. Always-on monitoring gives 1-minute granularity on latency, data loss, and jitter, stored for up to a year.




With Nex-Tech, critical software patches are always up-to-date. We will streamline the process so new patches can be rolled out in just a few clicks. All devices can be quickly patched with the press of a single button, reducing the time it takes to roll out new patches and increasing security.




Nex-Tech will actively monitors your network and identify and correlate applicate usage with network bandwidth consumption. There’s no equipment to buy or maintain because it’s managed by Nex-Tech. We will analyze network and application traffic with more granularity letting you know instantly how every application impacts every end user. We can monitor applications in real-time with 5 minute granularity & compare with 90 days of historical data, regardless of network traffic volume.

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