We do NOC with a Five Nines Focus

YOUR NETWORK -the core operating infrastructure of your business-is key to your success in today’s market, so it’s important that it be managed by professionals with experience on a number of levels. The challenge comes with finding, training and maintaining the staff needed to effectively manage a network. Emerging technologies remain the most impactful and difficult challenge telecoms face in maintaining core networks. Survivors become the new class of telecom operators. Nex-Tech Network Operations Center support means clients get the freedom to focus on building their business, not running a NOC.

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Thinking of building your own NOC? Leave this DIY project to the professionals. Join Sara Kuhl and Doug Kuntz as they share their decades of expertise in operating and staffing a 24x7 Network Operations Center.

Single Pane of Glass

Being an expert of every equipment manufacturer and Network Monitoring System (NMS) within your network can be a difficult task. Managing the alarms from these systems can be even more difficult. Nex-Tech solves the alarm noise issue by utilizing a Cordell ISD4000 Alarm Collector within our client’s network which provides alarm consolidation of multiple systems into a single pane of glass.

Nex-Tech NOC brings clarity to alarms/SNMP traps so a potential impact to services can be determined at a glance.

Deciphering a raw SNMP trap or alarm takes time. When there is a network impairment within your network, time is not on your side. As power users of Cordell’s CiNAS Network Management System, we build clarity into alarms so at a glance we know where, when and what the impairment is, reducing time to identify exactly what the impact is, and reducing time to resolution.

In addition to being Cisco and MEF CECP certified, our NOC technicians are proficient in a variety of manufacturers and NMS Systems.

Strenght in Numbers

A Fully Customizable Ticketing System

In addition to typical fields displayed in ticket reports, NOCAware adds 24-hour ticket holds, parent/child tickets, maintenance/outage tickets, calculated mean-time-to-repair (MTTR), and mean-time-to-action (MTTA) that is fully customizable for each client.


When a network event impacts service to your client, it’s important to keep management and your client in the loop. We do that and provide detailed notification of incident resolution, performance and mean time to repair (MTTR), keeping everyone informed, reducing the need for follow-ups and manual status reports.


Nex-Tech NOC provides full reporting of ticketing, alarming and service/circuit impairments/outage conditions, including MTTR. Data is stored for one year, offering customers an opportunity for standard or customized reporting.
Customer Testimonial
Customer Testimonial