Nex-Tech Network Monitoring
Nex-Tech Network Monitoring


Nex-Tech has a complete set of competitive and economical solutions. To help us provide an accurate, competitive bid, we will first complete a short CALEA Compliance Assessment of your network. Our team will then tailor a bid to your specific network needs.

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Learn how Nex-Tech assists service providers in becoming CALEA compliant while working with law enforcement to conduct lawful interception of communication. Join Seth Ritter as he walks through the history of CALEA and discusses #WhatisCALEA. Using real-life examples, Seth will discuss how the Lawful Intercept Technique was used to bust a drug ring in Kansas.
Nex-Tech, A CALEA Trusted Third Party Provider

Select Nex-Tech as your CALEA Trusted Third Party provider to receive a cost-effective CALEA solution that reduces the complexity for your business and mitigates the risk associated with managing a comprehensive legal compliance program. Nex-Tech is staffed with experienced analysts and certified network engineers to assist or fully manage these mandated services. Our turn-key solution minimizes the capital expenditure for non-core, non-revenue generating obligations imposed by law enforcement. Nex-Tech works with you to implement a comprehensive CALEA compliance program that meets your needs.
CALEA stands for the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement act; a federally mandated law enforced by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This law requires that communications service providers assist law enforcement agencies #WHATISCALEAin executing lawfully authorized electronic surveillance, including live intercepts of voice and data packets from service providers.
CALEA Compliance can be overwhelming and complicated to manage on your own.
Click below to learn more about how Nex-Tech can accomodate all regulations and procedures to ensure you are protected. 
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