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Nex-Tech has a complete set of competitive and economical solutions. To help us provide an accurate, competitive bid, wewill first complete a short CALEA Compliance Assessment of your network. Our team will then tailor a bid to your specific network needs.
Nex-Tech, A CALEA Trusted Third Party Provider

Select Nex-Tech as your CALEA Trusted Third Party provider to receive a cost-effective CALEA solution that reduces the complexity for your business and mitigates the risk associated with managing a comprehensive legal compliance program. Nex-Tech is staffed with experienced analysts and certified network engineers to assist or fully manage these mandated services. Our turn-key solution minimizes the capital expenditure for non-core, non-revenue generating obligations imposed by law enforcement. Nex-Tech works with you to implement a comprehensive CALEA compliance program that meets your needs.
CALEA stands for the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement act; a federally mandated law enforced by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This law requires that communications service providers assist law enforcement agencies #WHATISCALEAin executing lawfully authorized electronic surveillance, including live intercepts of voice and data packets from service providers.
Are you CALEA Compliant?
If you would like to schedule a free CALEA Compliance Assessment or just have some questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to either of our CALEA representatives.
Doug Kuntz – Carrier Access Manager – 785-754-3100
Seth Ritter – Carrier Representative – 785-677-3092