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Trusted Third Party and CALEA

Comply with Legal Regulations with Nex-Tech as your Managed CALEA Provider.


What is CALEA?

The Communications Assistance Law Enforcement Act of 1994 (CALEA) requires Communications Service Providers to be able to assist law enforcement agencies in executing lawfully authorized electronic surveillance. This could include historical information, such as calling records or identifying the subscriber associated with a telephone number or an IP address. These types of records are often requested through a subpoena process.

What does CALEA require telecommunications carriers and ISPs to do?

A CALEA telecommunications carrier must ensure that it can isolate the communications of the criminal suspect, spy, or terrorist that is identified in the court order and deliver the communications in a complete and timely manner to the law enforcement agency named in the order. If a carrier violates a court order for lawful intercept because it lacks the required CALEA capabilities, the court may fine the carrier up to $10,000 per day for each day of non-compliance. In addition, the court may order the carrier to bring its network into compliance by a court-specified deadline.

What is a Trusted Third Party Provider?

A Trusted Third Party is an entity a carrier has allowed to implement their CALEA compliance program. The Trusted Third Party can provision, implement, and maintain resources for the carrier. A Trusted Third Party is recognized by the government as an entity that can act in behalf of the carrier to implement CALEA compliance while maintaining a certain level of indemnification.

Nex-Tech is the best choice to ensure CALEA compliance.

Nex-Tech is a Trusted Third Party CALEA provider. When you select Nex-Tech as your Trusted Third Party CALEA provider, you’ll receive a cost-effective CALEA solution that reduces the complexity for your business and mitigates the risk associated with managing a comprehensive legal compliance program. Nex-Tech is staffed with experienced analysts and certified network engineers to assist or fully manage these mandated services.
Our turn-key solution minimizes the capital expenditure for non-core, non-revenue generating obligations imposed by law enforcement. Nex-Tech works with you to implement a comprehensive CALEA compliance program that meets your needs.
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  • Comply with State and Federal Laws and Carrier Guidelines
  • Assist Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Reduce Operating Expenditures and No Capital Expenditure
  • Allow CSPs to Focus on Core Business
  • Gig and 10 Gig Probes
  • IPv6 Compatible