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Nex-Tech provides the latest in telecommunications and technology products and services, so that we can offer tailored solutions to fit your needs. Nex-Tech has been in the telecommunications business since 1951, so we know the carrier business and serve as a link for national telecommunications networks.
When you work with Nex-Tech, you can be assured we'll help you meet and exceed your expectations.
With over 60 years of experience, our team knows this industry and they make it their business to understand your specific business' needs and challenges. Working together with our technical engineers, we'll help determine the most logical and successful technology path to best serve your customers.
Nex-Tech Products and Services
  • NOC
  • Help Desk
  • Voice and Data Transport
  • Internet
  • Managed Services (BDR, Co-Lo)
  • Marketing & Media
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Nex-Tech has been recognized as an industry leader in Gigabit Broadband by the NTCA.
  • NOC
  • Help Desk
  • Voice and Data Transport
  • Internet
  • Managed Services (BDR, Co-Lo)
  • Marketing & Media

Monitoring and Management of Your Network

Nex-Tech’s Network Operations Center will help you manage and monitor your network by providing the level of expertise necessary to assure network stability. We provide end-to-end service management of your transport and customer premise equipment by our trained professionals who are available 24/7 to monitor and manage a complete set of infrastructure technology services.

Secure Data

Nex-Tech’s redundant data centers ensure that your data is always secure. Our disaster recovery facility is an extra measure of confidence to ensure that when Nex-Tech is monitoring your network, we can continue to function in and emergency while maintaining visibility into your infrastructure in the most extreme of circumstances.

A Great Partner

We partner with our network clients so that we are the eyes and ears of their network. Without a good experience from a NOC partner, you won't have a great network. In today’s world it’s critical to have a reliable NOC so that you can ensure network reliability. Everyone will have an outage at some point, but a good NOC service provider will learn from experiences and mitigate future occurrences.

24 x 7 Support for Your Customers

Nex-Tech Help Desk is available 24x7x365 to answer and support your customer’s questions and needs. With our state-of-the-art Help Desk, your customers will receive a personalized experience to fit your company’s profile. Our 24×7 Help Desk includes Telephone, Email & Chat Support that can be easily integrated to offer your end-users a one-stop solution that will produce cost savings and satisfied customers.

Complete Service

  • Agents are trained on all Services
  • Customers get a single point of contact
  • Up-to-date hardware and technology
  • Robust ticketing with chat & email
  • Scalability to provide first-class support to providers of all sizes.

What Sets Our Technicians Apart?

A partnership with Nex-Tech Help Desk Services assures your customers will get the service they’ve come to trust and the support they will come to rely on. They will receive support from a company that appreciates local values, provides professional support and cares about each individual customer.

Management Made Simple

  • Variety of monthly call reports so that you can rest assured that your customers are receiving the best service.
  • All Help Desk calls are recorded to ensure first-rate customer service.
  • All customer issues are tracked in a comprehensive log so that your staff can review and comment.

Ensure You Comply with Complex Regulations

The Communications Assistance Law Enforcement Act of 1994 (CALEA) requires Communications Service Providers to be able to assist law enforcement agencies in executing lawfully authorized electronic surveillance. This could include historical information, such as calling records or identifying the subscriber associated with a telephone number or an IP address. These types of records are often requested through a subpoena process.
Nex-Tech provides cost-effective, business solutions that reduce the complexity and mitigate the risk associated with managing a comprehensive legal compliance program. Nex-Tech is staffed with experienced analysts and certified network engineers to assist or fully manage these mandated services.
Nex-Tech is a CALEA Trusted Third Party, and by using its equipment and knowledge, Nex-Tech is capable of providing ISPs and Telco’s the resources required to be CALEA compliant.
Our turn-key solution minimizes the capital expenditure for non-core, non-revenue generating obligations imposed by law enforcement. Nex-Tech works with you to implement a comprehensive CALEA compliance program that meets your needs.
  • CALEA Trusted Third Party
  • Comply with state and federal laws and carrier guidelines
  • Assist Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Reduce OpEx
  • Allow CSPs to focus on core business

Data Transport

Nex-Tech Data Transport Solutions provides secure, end-to-end transmissions between geographically dispersed locations. Nex-Tech’s advanced broadband fiber optic network is designed with the newest optical networking equipment for speed and efficiency.

Network Service

We offer a wide array of telecommunications and network services to businesses requiring end-to-end communications solutions. Through our own high capacity, redundant fiber optic network, Nex-Tech provides many network options to meet your growing communications needs.
Nex-Tech works with many regional and national partners to create a robust, redundant fiber optic backbone in Kansas.

Dedicated Internet

Nex-Tech utilizes various transport methods to deliver dedicated Internet services at the most competitive price points. Your Carrier Access team works with you to determine the best way to provide service to your location. Whether you use a Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) or Ethernet circuit we can provide you with diverse paths to the Internet.

Robust Reliability

The Nex-Tech network is designed to eliminate the risk of downtime. Our two geographically separate IP network gateway locations each connect to multiple Tier 1 backbone providers. Traffic is efficiently routed between these locations and upstream carriers to ensure your organization has the access you require at all times.

Support you can Depend On

The Nex-Tech Network Operations Center is manned 24/7/365 and available to quickly respond to questions and resolve issues.

Network Security

Nex-Tech’s Total Network Security will offer your customers maximum network security through tightly integrated features such as Gateway Anti-Virus, Intrusion Prevention Services and Anti-Spam Filtering to block threats before they enter your customer’s network. The Total Network Security package is the most complete package today. Its versatility allows your customers to upgrade as they grow. In addition, it’s hassle-free. We eliminate the need for maintenance, updates, equipment purchase and multiple contracts by managing these items for your customers.

Data Backup

Having data storage and back-up are fundamental tools for your customers. Whether it’s simply losing a file or experiencing a complete disaster, proper data backup is essential to any business. With Nex-Tech’s advanced private cloud offer, your company can provide basic services, such as remote back-up, patching, web services, virtual servers, virtualized desktops and disaster recovery in the cloud. Your customers want to work with a business they know and trust to provide them with dependable and secure services. Let Nex-Tech help you provide those tools to connect your business to your customers.

Marketing & Media

Nex-Tech offers fully customized marketing and media solutions for your business. Whether you are interested in improving your online presence, TV or radio ad production, eye-catching print materials or a complete corporate branding strategy, Nex-Tech can help.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Marketing Management
  • Content Consultation and Proofing
  • Graphic Design
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Video Services
  • Analytic Visibility
  • Corporate Branding