Here to Help
Supporting clubs, teams, non-profits and more in your community.
We are “Here For You.” Nex-Tech serves customers in over 100 communities across northwest and central Kansas and receives many sponsorship requests each month. In order to continue to process these requests efficiently, we have updated our procedures:
  1. To be considered for a sponsorship, we invite you to submit your request using the online form below.
  2. Requests are reviewed the first Monday of each month, and all requests received at least six weeks prior to your “need-to-know-by” date will receive our full attention.
  3. You will receive notification stating whether the request has been accepted or declined. We do not grant sponsorship requests for individuals or religious affiliations.
  4. All funds received must be utilized in the Nex-Tech service area to help promote local spending.
Our sponsorship program demonstrates our strong commitment to the communities and organizations that enhance the quality of life in our service area. We are “Here For You” as you plan future projects.
If your request is for a sponsorship and the Nex-Tech Express or Grill, please fill out both the Sponsorship Request Form and the appropriate Nex-Tech Express or Train Consent Form.
If your request is just for the Nex-Tech Express or Grill, you only need to complete the Express or Grill Consent Forms.