What does art have to do with broadband?

April 15, 2024

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.”
— Aristotle

Apart from the breathtaking sunsets and sunrises that Kansas is famous for, the wonderful agriculture and energy opportunities, and the good and hardworking people; an often overlooked gem from the sunflower state is art. From hand-crafted designs to picturesque expressions of the prairies and the plains, Kansas art can bring a breath of fresh air to a longing soul. Just like Aristotle observed thousands of years ago, art can indeed be a reflection of the experiences and perspectives of a people.

Recently, I pulled up at the Deines Cultural Center in Russell, Kansas. The Deines Cultural Center is an art gallery and the repository of the work of E. Hubert Deines. The center also hosts exhibitions of local and regional artists from time to time. I was welcomed and guided by the Director of the Center, Shannon Trevethan. I saw various models of expression by local students and local artists. Shannon also shared the exciting plans for the center, which would enhance its offerings as a leading center of art excellence in rural Kansas. Furthermore, Shannon shared the inspiring story of Mr. Deines who wanted to give artistic expression to hope and positivity with a flavor of rural Kansas. More so, his sense of community and decision to open the doors of the center and give it all back to society is an inspiring attitude. Check out the history of the center

So what does art have to do with technology or broadband? Well, everything. 

Places like the Deines Cultural Center are often referred to as community institutions or community anchor institutions. They are the key places that community members often visit. I see them as the “crowd-pullers”. These places are therefore recognized as critical places for high-speed broadband, which makes community life possible. They enable people to do what people do: live lives and have fun, see new things, meet other people, collaborate, solve problems, etc. Thankfully, the Deines Cultural Center is served by Nex-Tech’s high-speed broadband. Organizations like the Deines Cultural Center enrich the quality of life in our service communities. That is why we value and support them whenever we can. We believe in community sustainability and that is why we support community institutions. Next time you are driving along I-70 or you find yourself in the Russell area, take a quick detour and pull up into downtown Russell and see the Deines Cultural Center. Your experience could be better than mine. 😊

Friday Otuya

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