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We May Owe You Money!

Have you, a friend or a family member moved out of the Nex-Tech service area and not provided a forwarding address? Is it possible that you received a capital credit refund check that you never cashed? If the answer is yes to either question, it’s possible that Nex-Tech owes you a capital credit refund. Information has been posted on our website to help past and present members find out if this is the case. Visit to learn how the capital credit process works. To conduct a search, enter your name, or the name of your business in the search field, and click on “Search.” If your name appears below the search field, fill out the section to the right to submit an email request for unpaid capital credits. You can also call 877-625-7872, ext. 5003, to speak with an employee. Please help us spread the word – and happy searching!