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Lifeline Access

Every person in America should have access to quality, affordable telecommunications service.
This principle of “Universal Service” has been the goal of the telecommunications industry for decades. In 1934, the federal government codified the goal and reaffirmed it in 1996 by establishing policies for the “preservation and advancement of Universal Service.”
To achieve the Universal Service goal, carriers have access to a fund that is generated by contributions from the telecommunications providers in the United States. Telecommunications companies draw from the fund to provide four programs that support telecommunications services nationwide.
Toll Limitation Service is another program available to low income subscribers to help them control what they spend on phone service.
Lifeline and Toll Limitation Service support provide discounts to eligible low-income consumers to help them establish and maintain phone and Internet service.
Lifeline Brochure
Lifeline Certification
Recertifcations are completed through USAC and can be found at the link below.
Lifeline Re-Certification
Recertify by Phone
Call (855) 332-3919 and follow the prompts.
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