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Email Changes and Notification

Nex-Tech is upgrading your email service by migrating to a new Webmail platform. With the new Webmail platform, you can look forward to an email and online storage capacity of 10Gb as well as convenience, efficiency, and organization.
Migration is currently planned for domains starting the evening of Tuesday, April 10th conversions will continue until April 27th . Check your email for specific date your domain will be moving. In order to make these changes, Nex-Tech will be moving existing email and settings over to the new platform. Please be aware you can continue to send and receive email as always.
On the morning of your email conversion, you can access the upgraded webmail platform by continuing to login through our website or using the drop down below.
If you use an email client (Outlook, MacMail, Thunderbird, etc), please ensure that the username and email address fields contain your full email address ( This applies to devices including PCs, laptops, tablets & smartphone. After the conversion, using just your userID (for example, "myemail") in this field may cause email interruptions. A complete list of mail settings is available for reference. Some smartphone clients may also continue to work without any changes to settings. However, after the migration, they can be set up to sync like any email account.
For support and billing questions, please continue to call 1-888-565-3200.

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If you have interest in purchasing the following domains, please contact 888-565-3200 for more information and details.
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Effective June 1, 2015, Nex-Tech acquired KIT USA and Harborside Internet.

Headquartered in Lenora, Kansas, Nex-Tech has been a local leader in the technology and telecommunications industry since 1951. Nex-Tech provides a full line of voice and data services to residential, governmental, educational and commercial clients. In addition, Nex-Tech provides a host of other services including call center services, Network Operations Center (NOC) services, long distance, VoIP, Internet, Digital TV and security/surveillance. There are more than 300 employees within the organization, which includes 40 existing staff members dedicated to call center and NOC services.
For support and billing questions, please continue to call 1-800-290-4599.
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