Password Security Tips

When creating a new password, there are a few things to consider to assure you are better protected. Recommended criteria for what is best suited for a home Wi-Fi connection is listed below.
  • Have at least 8 characters.
  • Include upper and lower case letters.
  • Have at least one number.
  • Include at least two special characters such as ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ).
  • Be random.
  • Make sure the password is significantly different from previous passwords and passwords used in other applications.
  • Use WPA2/AES (older devices may not support this). These devices are items such as laptops running Windows XP/Vista, iPod 1-3, some versions of Kindles and iPads.

Password Generator

For a secure password that meets all the criteria listed, you may use our random password generator below. Simply click on 'Generate Pasword' and a secure password will appear in the box.
Password: Generate

Below are examples of things NOT to use in passwords;

  • Should NOT contain your user name, you or children/families real name, or your companies name
  • Should NOT be your Street Address
  • Should NOT be your family/pet name
  • Should NOT be a birthday/anniversaries
  • Should NOT contain a complete or dictionary word (ie password, watermelon, Chiefs)
  • Phone numbers
  • Passwords from applications and services should not be the same password
  • Should NOT be obvious information about yourself or location that anyone who knows you can guess