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Nex-Generation Grade School Programs

Each year Nex-Generation provides free educational programs for schools in north central and northwest Kansas. Our Lightning Jack kindergarten and 3rd grade programs focus on using good telephone etiquette, dialing 9-1-1, surfing the Internet, and using Social Networking safely.

Internet Safety & Other Programs

Nex-Generation also offers a variety of free programs on Internet safety, cyberbullying, distracted driving, and other educational topics for 5th through 12th grades, parents, and organizations throughout north central and northwest Kansas.  These can be requested throughout the year.
Popular Programs
Masks of Deception:  Protecting Your “Spaces” Against Online Predators
5th-12th Grade
TEAM CSI:  Cyber Safety Investigators
   Case #1:  Cyber Crime (Missing Person’s Case)
   Case #2:  Cyber Games (Online/Live Gaming Case)
5th-12th Grade
Taking Back Control:  Putting a Stop to Cyber Bullying 5th-12th Grade
DWD Kills… W8T 2 TXT (Driving While Distracted Kills… Wait to Text) 7th-12th Grade
Digital Citizenship 7th-12th Grade
Résumé Writing Workshop 9th-12th Grade
Interviewing Skills 9th-12th Grade
Business Plan Workshop 7th-12th Grade
Business Plan Competition 7th-12th Grade
Career Exploration
   (I-CAN Network Schools)
9th-12th Grade
Career Fair and Expo 9th-12th Grade

W8T 2 TXT - May 26, 2015
Trooper Tod Hileman of the Kansas Highway Patrol also brought the seatbelt convincer as an added benefit to the students. The event was co-sponsored by Nex-Generation, Nex-Tech, Nex-Tech Wireless, and Logan Chamber of Commerce, in coordination with Logan High School.

Nex-Generation Round Up for Youth, Inc.
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