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Cyber Security Services
Denial is No Longer an Option


Nex-Tech's advanced monitoring and quick response enables us to address every stage of a cyber attack!

How Are Cyber Attacks Currently Affecting Businesses?

In 2016, we saw an increase in the amount and severity of cyber attacks. Multi-million dollar virtual bank robberies, the disruption of the U.S. electoral process and the largest DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack ever, just to name a few.
Even more alarming, instead of sophisticated malware and zero-day vulnerabilities, attackers are hiding in plain sight, and using more direct approaches, like spear-phishing. The adoption of "living off the land" tactics has also grown in popularity, because the attackers can utilize tools already installed on computers.
Let's not forget the number one cybersecurity threat, Ransomware. Not only are we seeing more Ransomware infections, they are costing their victims more money. The average ransom demand has increased by nearly 30% since 2015. These attacks usually involve malware hidden in emails. One seemingly innocent click of the mouse can cost your business money, your data or both.

How Big of a Risk is Cybercrime for Your Business?
Answer these three questions to help you determine your risk.

What will happen to your business if you lose the majority of your data? This can be your customers’ personal data, your contracts, your business plans and pricing files, or inventory. Consider what it will do to your reputation when you have to notify customers, vendors, or regulators of the loss. Also, include how much it will cost you to re-build or retrieve that data, both in capital and in time and labor.
What will happen to your business if you must pay a significant fine or deal with a large lawsuit? Most business owners do not realize that negligence in their security practices can potentially leave them vulnerable to claims. In addition, stolen revenue from cybercrimes may not be recovered, even if perpetrators are identified.
What will happen to your personal life, your family, your house, your financials and securities if any of the above happens?

Ready to Develop a Cybersecurity Plan for Your Business? Contact Nex-Tech today to schedule a free comprehensive risk assessment.

What is included?

  • Domain controller status and policies
  • User status and policies
  • Login and password statistics including active and inactive accounts
  • Network shares
  • Major applications running
  • Event logs on servers
  • Web server activity
  • Internet access and performance
  • Full network discovery of devices
  • System event logs
  • External security vulnerabilities
  • Once we have determined your risk level, we will develop a customized security plan for your business.