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Nex-Tech Wireless delivers quality cellular coverage, the most popular phones and devices and provides your business with personalized customer care that larger companies cannot deliver.
Whether big or small, there’s a perfect plan for your business.
  • Shared data on all devices
  • Unlimited Talk and Text
  • Carryover Data
  • No monthly phone payments
  • Shared data on all devices
  • Unlimited Talk and Text
  • Carryover Data
  • Upgrade as often as you choose
  • Pay for your devices in 24 monthly payments, or less
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Shared 4G LTE Data

Share data on all your devices. Adjust the size anytime.


Phones, Tablets and More

Select from a variety of Apple and Android smartphones, ruggedized phones, basic phones, tablets and data devices. Browse our selection or let our representatives recommend the right phones to meet your needs.

Unrivaled Customer Care

Our local sales team members are strategically located where you are. You can work with a Nex-Tech Wireless team member who will service all of your account needs. Plus, we can help you save money by providing a detailed billing analysis to make sure you are always on the correct plan.
Nationwide Voice & Data Coverage