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Website Hosting
Nex-Tech has been providing web hosting services for almost 15 years, and our customer base has grown to nearly 400 web sites from businesses located throughout the country. Reliability and speed are top priorities of our web hosting service. We utilize IBM web servers running Windows and Linux operating systems depending on our customers needs. They are connected to the Internet backbone via fully redundant gigabyte connections running at 3 Gig/second.

$10/month fee
100 Mb Storage*
5 E-Mail accounts**
ODBC (MySQL) Database connectivity
User must purchase their own domain
(unless you have a custom e-mail domain)


$25/month fee
250 Mb Storage*
20 E-Mail accounts**
ODBC (MySQL) Database connectivity
Initial domain purchase included


$50/month fee
500 Mb Storage*
50 E-Mail accounts**
ODBC (MySQL) Database connectivity
Initial domain purchase included

Customers will be billed annually for domain renewal fees.
*Additional hosting space is $10/mth for every additional 100mb.
**E-Mails are 250mb each. Increases are at 500meg for $10/mo or 1gig for $15/mo.

Domain Name Hosting
Your domain name is part of your organization’s identity; don’t lose it, even if you chose to have your site hosted by another provider.  For only $2.50/month, Nex-Tech will host and manage your domain.   We will also handle up to 5 DNS changes per month.

Custom Email Domain Hosting
How would you like to have your own e-mail domain? For just $3 per month you can have the e-mail address of your choice from Nex-Tech Internet. Everyone in your family can have their own address at or if you have a business you can now have your own e-mail domain at Or you can just have fun with it by choosing some off the wall domain.

Also, if you currently have an e-mail address with Nex-Tech Internet we will forward your old e-mail to your new address for 6 months FREE!

And remember, every e-mail address from Nex-Tech is filtered for SPAM and Viruses so you can rest assured you are getting the e-mail you want.