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Network Security

Nex-Tech’s Total Network Security will offer your customers maximum network security through tightly integrated features such as Gateway Anti-Virus, Intrusion Prevention Services and Anti-Spam Filtering to block threats before they enter your customer’s network. The Total Network Security package is the most complete package today. Its versatility allows your customers to upgrade as they grow. In addition, it’s hassle-free. We eliminate the need for maintenance, updates, equipment purchase and multiple contracts by managing these items for your customers.

Data Backup

Having data storage and back-up are fundamental tools for your customers. Whether it’s simply losing a file or experiencing a complete disaster, proper data backup is essential to any business. With Nex-Tech’s advanced private cloud offer, your company can provide basic services, such as remote back-up, patching, web services, virtual servers, virtualized desktops and disaster recovery in the cloud. Your customers want to work with a business they know and trust to provide them with dependable and secure services. Let Nex-Tech help you provide those tools to connect your business to your customers.

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