Data Transport

Nex-Tech Data Transport Solutions provides secure, end-to-end transmissions between geographically dispersed locations. Nex-Tech's advanced broadband fiber optic network is designed with the newest optical networking equipment for speed and efficiency.

Network Service

We offer a wide array of telecommunications and network services to businesses requiring end-to-end communications solutions. Through our own high capacity, redundant fiber optic network, Nex-Tech provides many network options to meet your growing communications needs.

Nex-Tech works with many regional and national partners to create a robust, redundant fiber optic backbone in Kansas.


Dedicated Internet

Nex-Tech utilizes various transport methods to deliver dedicated Internet services at the most competitive price points. Your Carrier Access team works with you to determine the best way to provide service to your location. Whether you use a Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) or Ethernet circuit we can provide you with diverse paths to the Internet.

Robust Reliability

The Nex-Tech network is designed to eliminate the risk of downtime. Our two geographically separate IP network gateway locations each connect to multiple Tier 1 backbone providers. Traffic is efficiently routed between these locations and upstream carriers to ensure your organization has the access you require at all times.

Support you can Depend On

The Nex-Tech Network Operations Center is manned 24/7/365 and available to quickly respond to questions and resolve issues.