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Enjoying the small-town environment we live in ourselves, our passion is to make life better for our friends and neighbors, our customers, by giving them access to high-speed, high-tech services that some city-dwellers only dream about. And support them like no other.

We believe in:

  1. Communication. Up. Down. Sideways.
  2. Trust born from transparency.
  3. Integrity, accountability and a positive attitude.
  4. Consistency.
  5. Asking questions and getting the WHY.
  6. Humility.  We seek to learn from each other.
  7. Initiative.  We’re paid to think, not just work.
  8. Innovation.  Beyond the status quo.
  9. Providing an environment where Employees can grow themselves.
  10. Fun at work!
Our one rule!
Our beliefs are always changing. As we change so will this list. We encourage incorporating new ideas and modifying old ones.
Nex-Tech Culture Committee